simple – secure – inexpensive

Simple accounting in the BitTube Wallet apps for PC browser and mobile devices with Apple iOS or Android
Secure BitTube Blockchain technology
Fast transfer from Tube Wallet to Tube Wallet for just 0.3% fee
One-Click Tube donations to social media participants and internet sites
Gratis account credits from the BitTube Blockchain through the BitTube AirTime model
Change from TUBE crypto-currency to Euro, Dollar, GB pounds at the latest TUBE exchange rate at any time

A successful start

The Bitube vision of a simple and affordable universal worldwide crypto payment system for all convinces the Internet worldwide.

More than 500 BitTube Wallet account holders are added daily in many countries around the world.

Get the free ad-free BitTube app for PC browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera as well as for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices and benefit from the advantages immediately.


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BitTube app is a product from BitTubeINT OÜ

Highlights of the BitTube App for PC Browser
free VPN!
free advertising blocker!

New BitTube users per calendar week (cw)