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free ad-free BitTube app for PC browsers Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera as well as for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices and benefit from the advantages immediately.

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BitTube Wallet Apps for Android and Apple iOS in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

BitTube app is a product from BitTubeINT OÜ

The Bitube vision of a simple and inexpensive universal crypto payment system for everyone convinces worldwide.

New registered Tube users per month 2019

BitTube Blockchain Tube Münzen

Thus in the next decades a maximum of 1 billion tube coins will be newly created (in 2019 approx. 10 million tube coins per month).

So the new tube coins are distributed daily. The ingenious BitTube Airtime Reward System enables you to give away 45% of the new Tube coins completely free of any consideration and advertising.

How BitTube Tube coins are traded internationally on stock exchanges: CoinMarketCap

So I can buy BitTube Tube coins with Euro or Dollar:

Register and identify as a customer in the BitTube Browser App. (see opposite).

In the BitTube Browser App buy Tubes with Buy Tubes with SEPA bank transfer or credit card. Purchases are made at the current Tube price on the Bitrex Exchange. There are 1% purchase fees, which are deducted from the Tube amount. The payment processor is BitTube ÖÜ in the EU country Estonia.

This is how I managed my BitTube coins:

The Tube coin stock is managed on a Tube Online Wallet of the user. Tube Online Wallets are provided and supported by BitTube ÖÜ free of charge. An account for a crypto currency is called a "wallet". Unlike a bank account, the coins belong to the user himself, not to the bank. Access is only possible with the personal wallet key string. There are also free tube apps for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices.

That's how I use my tube of coins:

  1. As an investment: The currently still low market price of the tube coin under 10 cents offers fantasy for a multiplication. Also the today for several thousand dollars traded BitCoin coin was a few years ago only a few cents worth.
  2. As a means of payment: Worldwide, coins can be transferred to other Tube Wallets for only 0.3% of the fee. Sending and receiving tube coins is quick and easy with BitTube Browser Apps and Mobile Apps.
  3. For donations: with the BitTube Browser App (Extension) you can easily donate coins to the big social media sites like youtube, Facebook, Twitch or Twitter, with the "Donate Tube" button to other users of these sites, especially authors of contributions and videos, Tube coins. The BitTube donation system is honest and transparent. The recipient receives the full donation amount in tubes, while most sites retain large portions of their own donation systems. If the recipient does not yet have a Tube Wallet, he receives a notification from a credit of 10 Tubes that he gets his Tube credit on a Tube Wallet to be set up. So anonymous donations are also possible.